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"The Beauty of Chinese Opera" is one in series of educational programmes on Chinese opera, targeted at young people and to be presented by TAS Theatre company. Its aim is to introduce traditional Chinese opera through performance to young people and students and hope to change their views and perspective of Chinese opera.


"The Beauty of Chinese Opera" is performed by experienced TAS Artistic Director Mdm Goh Siew Geok, together with her students Mr. Gareth Simpson a British student and TAS Theatre professional actors and actresses. This time with Singapore infamous magician Mr. Felix Tan, he will introduce Chinese Opera to the audience with his magic. The audience will definitely enjoy the show.

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An abusive daughter-in-law and an unfillial son attempt to push around the responsibility of taking care of the elderly Grandma Tan. Deeply hurt by their actions, the elderly Grandma Tan contemplates suicide. Luckily, she was saved by her granddaughter-in-law, Bai Ling. Bai Ling and Grandma Tan then plot to force her son and daughter-in-law to apologize, through the use of a broken bowl.


The musical drama highlights the importance of harmony in the family and respect for the elderly. It hopes to inculcate a sense of filial piety towards one’s parents. This performance was performed in Mandarin.

故 事 描 述 一 位 刁 蛮 的 媳 妇 与 不 孝 的 儿 子 试 图 推 卸 照 顾 年 老 婆 婆 的 责 任。婆 婆 得 知 二 人 的 态 度 后,便 起 了 自 杀 的 念 头。 却 被 孙 媳 妇 白 铃与 孙 儿 救 起。白 铃 于 是 与 婆 婆 用 打 碗 之 计 以 惩 罚 儿 媳 二 人。剧 情 注 重 家 庭 和 谐 与 孝 顺 长 辈。并 教 导 孩 子 孝 顺 父 母。演 出 以 华 语 对 白,英 语 协 助 说 明。

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