TAS outlook color.jpg

Our Vision  我们的展望


  • Internationally recognised and leading professional performing arts organisation

  • Play a leading role in creating traditional Chinese performing arts which are suitable for the modern day audience

  • 国际公认的专业传统表演艺术机构当中的佼佼者

  • ​带领本土艺术工作者创作适合现代观众的华族传统艺术

Our Mission  我们的使命


  • To nurture local artistic and cultural talent

  • Strengthen cultural exchange between Singapore and other countries

  • To develop and promote Singapore Chinese traditional arts culture

  • 培育本土文化艺术人才

  • ​加强新加坡与世界各国的文化交流

  • 弘​扬推动及发展新加坡华族本土传统文化艺术

Our Values  我们的价值观


  • Talent

  • Action

  • Showcase

  • 专才

  • 行动

  • 展示舞台