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"The Beauty of Chinese Opera" is one in series of educational programmes on Chinese opera, targeted at young people and to be presented by TAS Theatre company. Its aim is to introduce traditional Chinese opera through performance to young people and students and hope to change their views and perspective of Chinese opera.


"The Beauty of Chinese Opera" is performed by experienced TAS Artistic Director Mdm Goh Siew Geok, together with her students Mr. Gareth Simpson a British student and TAS Theatre professional actors and actresses. This time with Singapore infamous magician Mr. Felix Tan, he will introduce Chinese Opera to the audience with his magic. The audience will definitely enjoy the show.

Da wan ji Picture edited.jpg


An abusive daughter-in-law and an unfillial son attempt to push around the responsibility of taking care of the elderly Grandma Tan. Deeply hurt by their actions, the elderly Grandma Tan contemplates suicide. Luckily, she was saved by her granddaughter-in-law, Bai Ling. Bai Ling and Grandma Tan then plot to force her son and daughter-in-law to apologize, through the use of a broken bowl.


The musical drama highlights the importance of harmony in the family and respect for the elderly. It hopes to inculcate a sense of filial piety towards one’s parents. This performance was performed in Mandarin.

故 事 描 述 一 位 刁 蛮 的 媳 妇 与 不 孝 的 儿 子 试 图 推 卸 照 顾 年 老 婆 婆 的 责 任。婆 婆 得 知 二 人 的 态 度 后,便 起 了 自 杀 的 念 头。 却 被 孙 媳 妇 白 铃与 孙 儿 救 起。白 铃 于 是 与 婆 婆 用 打 碗 之 计 以 惩 罚 儿 媳 二 人。剧 情 注 重 家 庭 和 谐 与 孝 顺 长 辈。并 教 导 孩 子 孝 顺 父 母。演 出 以 华 语 对 白,英 语 协 助 说 明。

Jiang Shan Mei Ren Picture.jpg


Emperor Zhu De Zheng of the Ming Dynasty unofficially travelled to Jiangnan, during which he visited a small town, Mei Long Zhen. He met a beautiful girl by the name of Li Feng, who was the sister of the owner of a wine tavern. He immediately fell in love with her, and proposed to her.


Unfortunately, the marriage was disapproved by the Empress Dowager, and the Emperor continued living his luxurious life, without any regard to Feng. Feng, having bore the Emperor’s son, however continued to look forward to the Emperor fufiling his promise to marry her and confer her the title of Concubine


As the days passed, there was still no news. Da Nui, the waiter at the tavern decided to travel to the Capital in search of justice. He spread the story of Feng wherever he went in the capital. Finally, the story reached the Emperor’s ears, and he regretted his actions. With the help of the Advisor, he managed to persuade the Empress Dowager to accept Feng, and to bring her back to the Capital. All was too late, as Feng had already died from ill-health.

明 朝 皇 帝 朱 德 正 向 往 江 南 风 光, 私 游 江 南 小 梅 龙 镇. 邂 逅 丽 质 天 生 的 酒 家 女 李 风, 并 一 见 钟 情, 私 定 终 生。不 想 太 后 令 太 傅 寻 皇 帝 至 江 南,并 传 旨 令 皇 帝 即 刻 回 京。 临 别 之 际,二 人 依 依 惜 别,德 正 皇 帝 承 诺 册 封 她 为 皇 后, 回 京 后 即 刻 派 人 来 接 李 风。


谁 知 优 柔 寡 断 的 皇 帝 经 不 住 皇 太 后 的 反 对 与 太 监 的 蛊 惑, 竟 然 忘 却了 已 然 以 身 相 许 的 风 姐,自 己 沉 迷 于 儐 妃 之 间。 李 风 生 下 一 子 后,饱受 乡 人 的 垂 弃 与 嘲 笑, 依 然 盼 望 这 德 正 皇 帝 的 音 信。酒 保 大 牛 滶 于 义 愤,毅 然 上 京 于 京 城 中 处 处 苦 诉 李 风 的 经 历 与 对 皇帝 的 评 击。 德 正 皇 帝 知 过 忏 悔, 在 太 傅 的 帮 助 下 说 服 了 太 后,派 周 勇 接 李 风 进 京。但 李 风 却 因 病 重 体 弱,魂 归 西 天,留 给 世 人 一 个 难 了 的 遗 憾。

Bao Chuan picture edited.jpg


This play is adapted from the famous Chinese author Lao She’s classic story of the same name, “The Magic Boat”. This mythical comedy is about the legend of a miraculous small boat that reflects ethics and moral principles. It eulogizes loyalty, filial piety, benevolence and love.


During a flood, the owner of the boat, Wang Xiaoer, saved many villagers and animals. Grateful to their savior, they tried to repay his kindness. However, one man, Zhang Busan, was not only ungrateful to the man for saving his life, but plotted to steal the boat and present it to the Emperor and become the premier. The villagers and animals work together to help the man get his boat back.

The performance was performed in Mandarin and English.

“宝 船”是 中 国 名 作 家 老 舍 创 作 的 儿 童 神 话 喜 剧。 故 事 说 的 是 一 位 勤 劳 的 王 小 二 在 一 次 洪 水 中 用 一 艘 宝 船 救 了 村 民 及 可 爱 的 动 物们。当 中 有 一 个 叫 张 不 三 的 人,他 为 了 自 己 的 利益,忘 恩 负 义 ,把 宝 船 偷 去 献 给 皇 上,并 作 了 官。王 小 二 及 动 物 们 齐 心 合 力,以 聪 明 的 智 慧,把 宝 船 给 取 了 回 来。 演 出 以 华 语 对 白, 英 语 协 助 说 明。

Wall edited.jpg


The story is about an old wood cutter named Zhang, who has two sons. The elder son is called Da Guai with a sly character, and had made a fortune by setting up a business. He married a lady from the Li family. The second son is called Er Guai with a cunning character, although he was knowledgeble, he was not an upright man, a filial son and not to mention a gentleman. He married a lady from the Zhao family. When both of them were young, their father spoilt them by over adoring and caring them in the wrong way. Both of them grew up with a bad character. As years pass by, the brothers began to despise their father and regard him as a burden and a useless old man.


Eventually, they started to ill-treat their father. One day in winter, the weather is cold and damp, the old man was left alone on the wall without any food and clothing. Althoug his son knew, none of them care.Along came the old man's good friend Mr. Wang When he saw the old man predicament and learned what his two unfillial sons had done to him, a sense of justice and chivalry came to him. He came up with a clever plan to teach the wood cutter's sons a lesson which they will never forget. His plan was to trick the two brothers into believing that their father had left something in the wall to the son who is most filial to him to inherit after he is gone. The two brothers took the bait and soon after their attitude towards their father changed............... 


The story is immersed with rich educational value, it reflect the society of the modern world that is infected with an immoral virus.

刘三姐在总统府花园 1
刘三姐在总统府花园 2
刘三姐在总统府花园 3
刘三姐在总统府花园 4
刘三姐在总统府花园 5
刘三姐在总统府花园 6
刘三姐在总统府花园 7
刘三姐在总统府花园 8
刘三姐在总统府花园 9
刘三姐在总统府花园 10
刘三姐在总统府花园 11
刘三姐在总统府花园 12


Third Sister Liu is a beautiful and courageous lady who loves to sing folk songs. This lady, from the “Zhuang” tribe in Guangxi, China, fight against the tyranny of the wealthy landlords using her singing prowess. Her gutsy actions irritates an evil gentry so much that he plots to hurt her.


Unfortunately, she becomes a victim of the evil man’s plot. Luckily, she was saved by a kind old fisherman. Despite her close shove with death, she continued to sing rebellious folksongs against the moneybags.


Worried and angry, the wealthy tyrant found three scholars to have an antipode singing with her. However, Third Sister won the challenge effortlessly.


This story of the peasant girl was a runaway movie hit in its heyday in the 1960s, playing to packed halls everywhere it went in the region.


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